The Gulf Grey

Nobody can deny the presence of a concrete plan being put into place that is beyond the conspiracies in the Middle East and GCC – this plan is to ignite separation, conflict and hostility between Muslims.

The implementers of the plan I feel are now stepping out with their biggest move and its quite frightening; their aim is to break the spirit of Muslims and play off the Gulf States against each other. However, some researchers are insistent in that the Gulf Crisis is arising from various regional problems.

The two words “supporting terrorism” is being used repeatedly on the targeted countries and cannot realise a regional crisis is in full throttle. The question that should be asked is whether this allegation is carefully cut out and designed to fan the flames of the Sunni-Shia conflict. In actual fact, perhaps the aim of the plan is far beyond the non-existent regional problems.

The Gulf is the backbone of the Islamic World and the region in which the Islamic countries should come together to become a united, joint force. If it is desired that the Gulf becomes a powerhouse , then it should not become divided. The fundamental mistake that we have witnessed for centuries within this region, is that they fail to realise the magnitude of their power. An alliance as such would be the most efficient and powerful force in the world.

The many articles surrounding the crisis should be assessed rationally and carefully, without being provoked. What should be taken away is that the plot is in fact to bring destruction to all Gulf States, not only Qatar. Their aim is to divide all of the strong Muslim states within the Middle East and make the region the home of terrorism. Unity, peace and resolution is required.

Ravvy X



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