Living without limits

Whilst I made a decision late last year to stop writing on my website, I’ve found myself being given more and more reasons to revamp/restart/refurbish it. So here I am!

I’ve been contacted by many looking to move to the Middle East along with some simply questioning the stability of the GCC. There have been some even asking for investment advice and looking to explore options on what/how to invest for the future and how to begin businesses. Therefore I’ll be reshaping my blog into a informative website providing a realistic insight into life in the Middle East and also touching on a variety of investment topics.

So by way of a brief (re)introduction to my website and myself.. I’m a twenty something year old British Indian whom has spent almost 2 years residing in Doha, Qatar. Whilst I’m still young, learning and achieving my goals, I’m finding myself continuously trying to break down the barriers for women, especially in the real estate/finance industry. Whilst this is an almighty task, I’d hope that in some way I’m able to contribute.

In a nutshell, I’ll be giving some insight to my own investments (real estate, share portfolio, business interests, etc) and life on this side of the Arabian Gulf, with some glam and glitter in between!

Ravvy X

P.S. Some images below of what I’ve been up to this summer including my Arabian nights themed birthday!





2 thoughts on “Living without limits

  1. ‘Arabian’ is an adjective reserved for very limited contexts. Arabian Gulf, night and horse.
    Good usage, Ravvy. (‘Arabic’ is usually related to language/literature. ‘Arab’ is for pretty much everything else).
    On another note, do you think barriers faced by women are part of the wider context that is social justice?


  2. Hi there – thank you for your comments!

    I think that the barriers faced by woman are part of the social justice; however, this being said I am noticing more recently that the status of women in the Middle East is in transition. I’m hoping that by changing the focus of my blog, I’ll be able to highlight further.


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