Reflection, resolution & reinvention

It’s safe to say I have had the best start to 2016. I can’t quite put my finger on where the past 4 weeks have gone here in Doha but all I know is that they involve a lot of Prosecco and a flurry of events including a Qatari engagement, a quick 3-day trip to the UK, a Christmas filled with macaroons and oversized sushi and finally *drumroll*… moving into the apartment of my dreams.

Every year during the week between Christmas and New Year, I find time to reflect on both the good and the bad that have occurred in the year. I look at what I’ve achieved to date and whether I’m on track for what I want to be. I think it’s so important to reflect and understand so that in the coming year you can define exactly what it is you’re wishing to achieve. Goals are good for the soul.

Rather than have a New Years resolution, I take a few days to create a list of 20-30 goals/ideas/things I would like to achieve in the coming year. I put this list somewhere I can see it every day or in my day book so that I’m able to keep these ambitions in the forefront of my mind.

I also take time to write out this list of goals/ideas/things by hand. There is something powerful about seeing your ambitions written in your own handwriting and having this in a prominent place. When you are going about your daily life, your mind is subconsciously thinking about them. Whilst I didn’t achieve all of my goals in 2015, I managed to hit 25 out of 30 so I can say with surety that this works so well for me!

I spent a full 5 hours coming up with my 2016 goals list, but couldn’t help but realise that there are a number of things that I feel are key foundations to goal setting for the New Year:

1. Beginning –  The feeling you get from taking the first step is far better than sitting around and thinking about it. The greatest miracle of your success isn’t that you’ve finished but that you found the courage to begin. This itself speaks volumes.

2. Staying true to your path –  A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others. In school, I remember a teacher once saying, “…Trying to be someone else is a waste of the person you already are”. And she couldn’t have been more right.

3. Ignore the noise – Why do strangers support you more than people you know? Because people you know have a tough time accepting that you come from the same place, yet they are in the same place. Keep moving forward, beyond the negativity of people in the same place they were 10 years ago. Do what you have to do, for you.

Quite heavy thinking for the first few weeks of 2016, but I think its important to always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. When you are willing and committed and persistent, you will get yourself there. Every time.

It may take time and patience, but it’s far better to be exhausted from lots of effort and learning, than to be tired of doing absolutely nothing.

On that note, I’ve included a photo diary of what I have been up to in Doha over the past few weeks. I also have a few exciting things in the pipeline that I will be documenting over the next week so watch this space!!!

Cheers to the new year. Health, wealth & happiness to you all.

Ravvy X



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