I fell in love with Islamic Art when I first set foot in Doha two years ago. The Middle East is abound with breathtaking Persian, Islamic and Mughal inspired architecture and art. These types of architecture bring about a sense of familiarity given my Indian background, especially since the remnants of Persian architecture can still be found in India at places such as the Taj Mahal and other remaining Mughal era palaces.

The The Museum of Islamic Art is hands down my favourite building here in Qatar, and is designed by the unnervingly talented I.M Pei – the architect behind the Louvre, Paris and the JFK Airport, New York.

The MIA demonstrates the journey of Qatar and incorporates the infamous geometric shapes ever so prominent in architecture within the GCC. I.M Pei himself describes it as “the desert sun plays a fundamental role, transforming the architecture into a play of light and shadows”.  

The word Arabesque itself represents an elaborative repetition of geometry that symbolises the infinite and therefore uncentralized nature of the creation of one God. As a practising Sikh this is very fitting, and something I feel home to.

We are all on different paths, with the same ultimate destination.

I’ve created a photo diary of the MIA and a fantastic little Iranian inspired restaurant I found in Souq Waqif below. Enjoy!

Ravvy X








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