Sharq Village & Spa – Ritz-Carlton, Doha

Staying at the Sharq Village & Spa – The Ritz-Carlton, Doha can only be described as divine. Easing into the Middle Eastern lifestyle within my first few days in Doha could not have been easier from the peace and serenity that the Sharq Village brings. Providing individual villas as residences, this hotel reflects the luxury of Qatari lifestyle perfectly.

The Cigar Lounge is a great lounge bar within the hotel, and brings a Western vibe to the hotel. Very quickly I have realised that a double vodka is actually a quadruple, and that normal alcohol measurements just don’t exist here. I’m not complaining!

Doha is infamous for its hotel brunches, providing a combination of food and drink until the late afternoon. It’s one of the main ways that people socialise with their friends and family out here. Luckily the Al Liwan restaurant at the Sharq hosts one of the best brunches, so naturally I just had to try it! The Arabic theme to the brunch did give me doubts, but I can say all the food I tried was unbelievable. The green tea ice cream for dessert was to die for (there’s always room for dessert).

Arriving into Doha has been a surreal experience, the fact that I didn’t have a return flight booked made me have a reality check and realise that I’m not just on an extended holiday. I’m hoping that once I begin my new role and have moved into my permanent residence, I’ll get a little more used to being here. But for now I’m going to sunbathe to my hearts content, have a cocktail and embrace the 34 degree weather. Cheers to life!

Ravvy X



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